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Drone & Anti Drone Technology and Skill Development Program

We are happy to share our initiatives taken by our organisation in the field of Skill Development.

As we are aware that the area of Skill Development is still untouched is "Drone and Anti Drone" Skill Development, we have got our expertise as we are already in the process of setting-up a full fledge Skill Development center and Manufacturing Unit in Madhya Pradesh for skilling the resources for preparing them for New Area of Employment. This would be increasing drastically in the recent future.

The most rapid growth in the UAV industry may initially involve small UAV. Technological developments, such as miniaturization of sensor equipment and autopilots, and developments in battery technology are allowing small UAV to perform tasks that would have previously required larger aircraft. In many cases, UAV are based on inexpensive hobby store model aircraft, sometimes with the addition of an autopilot.

Small UAV have many potential uses, including the support of police or firefighters, traffic monitoring, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue, border surveillance, wildlife monitoring, power-line inspection, minerals exploration and homeland security applications. History shows that emerging technologies often find applications never anticipated by their developers. Examples can be found in the development of radio, the steam engine, and digital computers. Likewise, small, inexpensive UAV may prove to be useful in ways currently not imagined.

A unique set of human factors are associated with the operation and maintenance of small UAV. As will be outlined in this document, UAV maintenance is significantly different to General Aviation Maintenance. Points of difference include the equipment to be maintained, practices and documentation, and the characteristics of the maintainers themselves. In many cases, small UAV are maintained by generalist operator/maintainers who do not necessarily have backgrounds in aviation maintenance.

We Prakhar Software Solutions Private Limited provide manpower support for executing the DRONE related service and governance for providing drone based services to government departments such as Police, Mining, Municipal Administration & Urban Development & Town Planning, Smart City Planning, Environment and Forest, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Land Records, Road & Highways, Agriculture & Area for Plantation, Identification of Grey Area / Encroachment / Inaccessible Area, Identification of Lad for SEZs & allied sectors, Rescue & Disaster Management, Survey, Tourism, Identification of New Tourism Spots, Identification of Area for State Level Events, Project / Asset Monitoring, Power etc. The service provider is expected to undertake the drone based surveys, capture high resolution images / videos, prepare 2D maps & 3D models and other analytics based outputs which can facilitate effective real-time governance with the following:- GIS mapping - Multispectral Imaging - Orthomosaic Generation - DSM, DEM and DTM - Surveillance and Reconnaissance - Progress Monitoring of Projects with Geo Tagged Progress Data

PSSPL is engaged in application of Drone and Anti Drone Technology and extensively working in the field of extensive skilling in the field of preparing the highly trained professionals in Drone Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, Lifecycle Support across our training centres in India.
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