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Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing Projects

PSSPL Service Offerings in Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing Projects

Geographic Information System (GIS) – A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map, such as streets, buildings, and vegetation. This enables people to more easily see, analyze, and understand pattern and relationships. This helps capturing high resolution images / videos, prepare 2D maps & 3D models and other analytics based outputs which can facilitate effective real-time governance with the following:-

Drone Survey: Drones are used as one of the prominent ways to collect data and it is an up-coming industry.

Data collection and evaluation: Build, maintain and update a database with information from a variety of sources, such as surveys, remote sensors and digitized maps. Review the findings for quality and usefulness..

Visualization:: Turn geospatial data into clear graphic representations with multiple layers of useful findings.

Analysis:: Find significant connections or patters in geographic information to guide planning or strategy.

Modeling:: Use GIS software to create representations of objects or features that account for important attributes and relationships.

  • PSSPL has NICSI Empanelment for System Study, Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance of Web Portals, We Enabled Applications and Website.
  • PSSPL has NICSI Empanelment for Engagement of Technical Resources for Design, Development, Maintenance& Administration of GIS and Remote Sensing Projects
  • PSSPL has BECIL Empanelment for SITC in the Field of Drone Technology and related Tools and Infrastructure.
  • PSSPL has Global Tie-ups with different Industry Leaders of Drone & Anti-Drone and GIS OEMs.

Project (1)- Airport Authority of India :-

The Department consists of Statisticians and Airport Management Executives with field representatives at major airports for on-site compilation of correct information. AAI has developed an application named “NOCAS”, which is based on ESRI’s GIS technology. All parameters, including the height of the buildings, are important as no building should come in the flight path of aircrafts. To verify the claims of the applicants, AAI has decided to survey the sites applying for the No Objection Certificate.

We have maintained the process through dedicated GIS team members, that will go to the specified site, Survey the Site/building in question (Using DGPS / ETS) and will create the site plan, along with other details like height etc., upload the same into the system. All the resources deployed on this project have gone through a rigorous Professional Training program of DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System), ETS (Electronic Total Station), Arc GIS etc. for 15 days.

Project (2)- Election Commission of India :-

EVM Management System is designed to manage the inventory of EVM Units. It helps us in real-time tracking of units. It also keeps analysing the results of units as regulated by EC. The EVM Management System has two components, the first is a Web-based application and the second is a mobile application. Our Dedicated Professionals have been developing and maintaining the project: -

  • Web-Based Application is the main application that will be having core functionalities related to the EVM business process and will be used by users like Manufacturer, ECI, CEOs, DEOs, Warehouse In-charge, etc. Role-Based access will be provided to different users at the same URL
  • Mobile Application is a supporting application that will be used by temporary users for mainly scanning at warehouse level during sending and receiving EVM units, receiving in Assembly Constituency after 1st randomization, etc. It is meant for the immediate replacement of EVM on polling booths.

Project (3)- RajCOMP Info Services Ltd :-

PSSPL has been awarded the “Project for specialized manpower for checking and validation of Data submitted by the System Integrator in the 3D City Project”. The specialized manpower being deployed by the selected agency, will work under the supervision of RISL/ DoIT&C/ Concerned Departments. Anytime during the tenure of the work order, the Successful bidder (s) may be required to undertake various project activities under different deliverables of work / service as defined in the RFP but not limited to, the following:

  • Mobile / Terrestrial Data – LiDAR datasets - Precise Mobile and Terrestrial LiDAR datasets have been acquired as part of the project. The selected agency shall deploy experts to check on the LiDAR datasets and make effective use of these datasets for the benefits of project and also suggest in utilization of same for other initiatives
  • PanoPhoto data from Mobile LiDAR System - During data acquisition activity, along with the LiDAR datasets 360 Degree Pano-photo data was also captured. This dataset is critical for 3D City Model generation as well as validation of city furniture. The team deployed from the selected agency shall make extension use of this dataset for checking and validation of the data being submitted by the SI team..
  • Digital Elevation Models (DTM, DSM & Contours) - The selected bidder is required to deploy skilled resources to validate the Digital Elevation Model (DEM including DSM, DTM & Contours) as submitted by the SI. The resource shall check if the respective datasets and GCP information is rightly incorporated in the deliverables being submitted by the SI along with necessary metadata information and defined quality standards in the RFP.
  • Other Intermediate Products (True Ortho Mosaic Image, 3D Mesh Model, 3D Base Map, 3D LULC Map, etc.) As per the deliverables defined in the RFP, the SI is required to generate mentioned intermediate products which may be used along with the 3D City Models or independently.
    • True-Ortho Mosaic
    • 3D Mesh Model
    • 3D Base Map
    • s3D LULC Map
  • Various 3D City Models of Level of Definition LoD0, LoD1, LoD2, LoD2.5, LoD3, LoD4 & LoD5
  • 3D city models are typically constructed at various Levels of Details (LOD) to provide notions of multiple resolutions at different levels of abstraction
  • Reporting and documentation mechanism
  • Testing and Validation of datasets on the 3D City Platform
  • Training and Capacity Building of in-house resources

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