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Terms and Conditions of Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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All sorts of information, images and related products produced on the site are provided on an 'as is' basis without any warranty. So the user must not wrongly accuse Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., its partners and owners by any means. Instead, they should hold them harmless in any such events.

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Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. should not in any case be slandered or wrongly accused by the User, he/she must hold Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., its owners and partners completely harmless and pay for the fees of attorney if the User accuses Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. for any reason.

Users rely on the material provided at our site at their own risk and choice.

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Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. may change the terms and conditions, whenever willing to and they would be effective from that point onwards. The Users would keep themselves regularly updated with these on his/her own.

We do not guarantee updated changes in the materials provided at our site. The user acknowledges that he/she believes the information at their own disposition.

We will never disclose any kind of information provided to us by the user to any third party and maintain their right to privacy.

The above mentioned agreement is governed by the law of India. You hereby give your consent to all the above mentioned points. And hold Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., its subordinates and the owners harmless against any claim, demand or damage. You give your consent and will act by these terms and conditions during your use of the services provided by us. By abiding by these terms and conditions you agree to never post, make any statement or commit any action that in some way or the other slanders the reputation of Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. And any such action is a breach of the terms and conditions on the user’s part, resulting in an action by law.


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